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Rekey Locks

Contact us if you are indeed seeking locksmiths with the skills to rekey locks in Langley, British Columbia. Our company is available for complete locksmith services and the list includes the rekeying of locks. There’s no need to spend extra money to change locks if they can be rekeyed. If the lock at hand is in a good condition but there are some security concerns, all you have to do is contact Locksmith Langley to book rekeying.

Why should you rekey locks in Langley? Read about the service

Rekey Locks Langley

Whether you want to book lock rekey out of choice or there’s a need for emergency lock rekey, Langley pros serve fast. And they serve well. The job is always done well since it’s carried out by locksmiths equipped as required and skilled as expected.

Why should you need to have one or more locks rekeyed? It has to do with what this service is all about. Basically, rekeying a lock means replacing the little pins that move as the key is inserted into the lock. Now, when the pins change, the original key won’t fit. And so, there’s a need for key change too. And that’s the whole point of rekeying locks – to render the previous one useless and block anyone who will try to use it to get into a property without having permission. That’s why when a key is stolen or an apartment is a rental, locks are rekeyed and keys change. What’s the point in getting a key replacement if the original key is stolen?

Need lock rekey urgently? Or, a master keyed system?

Now that we talked about the significance of the lock rekey service, let’s see when you need it. As we said, you may need to rekey locks out of necessity and out of choice. So, let’s consider both cases.

  •          You need the service when you are interested in a master key system. This may be as intricate as a system in an office building or as simple as a system in a private home.
  •          You will also need a lock rekeyed – usually that of the front door, if the key is stolen, lost, or in the hands of ex-tenants, employees, or spouses.

When you assign the service to our company, you get the peace of mind that the job is done meticulously and offered fast without costing you much. So, if one of the above cases is your case, don’t think about it. Call us. Masters of the trade in Langley rekey locks efficiently and in a timely fashion.